Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hope you all are enjoying your weekend, but i have been soo busy and did not think i was going to have time to post my picture of the day, i had to give my self 5mins to do so, or i would have felt like i have passed a day!!! anyways, iam so excited going out with the girls tonight, great fun, laughter's, food and music and maybe a DRINK;) The guys are coming to my house to chill with all the kiddos, this should be very interesting would love to be a FLY ON THE WALL;) hahahah Hope you all have a wonderful night and as always KEEP SMILING and SHOOTING;) o yea why is it that when our kids are asleep we cherish the warmth in our hearts cause they always say "She is such an angel but ONLY WHEN SHE IS SLEEPING;) hahah xoxoxo

♥♥The warmth in our hearts and the smiles on our faces to see our children sleeping is a wonderful blessing and a gift from god♥♥





Mel said...

SUCH sweet shots! They are all just so peaceful! Have fun and be safe!

Jennifer said...

s w e e t!!

snaphappee said...


Kyla said...

These are absolutely ADORABLE! Ahhh . . . there's nothing like a sleeping babe. ;) What a sweetie!