Thursday, March 11, 2010


What a beautiful day it has been!!! I have always loved loved this saying and now so do my kids! Hope you all have wonderful afternoon and as always keep shooting&smiling;)

♥♥STICKS & STONES may Break my Bones, but WORDS will never hurt Me♥♥

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today has been a dreary day, just rainy and blah kinda of day!!! but other than the weather i can now say we are feeling ALOT BETTER!!!! But lately it has just been one thing after the next!!! Iam so busy this afternoon, so iam going to make it short tonight!! Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon and as always KEEP SHOOTING&SMILING;)

♥♥This is how my life has been lately..."When it RAINS it POURS"♥♥

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Today has been a pretty good day around the WILLIAMS HOUSEHOLD, we are all feeling about 85% better which is always a good thing, hoping we will all be 100% be the weekend!!! Have a good afternoon, off to finish cooking veggie soup;) So today's picture is all about stress, and i know we all have days like this, i just want my FAMILY TO FEEL BETTER!!!!

♥♥When we are STRESSED out to the FULLEST is when you feel like you get PRICKED the hardest ♥♥

Monday, March 8, 2010


;( iam hopefully almost on track with my blog and my blogger friends!!! I have had some serious issues as you all know with everyone being sick in my home!!! but hopefully things are looking up and thats all i can do is hope and pray!!!! It has been sooo pretty the last couple of days and just the sunshine has been GREAT!!!! Hope you all have a wonderful night and as always keep shooting and smiling!!!
♥♥Even with everything going on in my life i have to keep the FAITH and know that we all have a POCKET FULL OF SUNSHINE♥♥

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


OK, so i have been slacking my blogging duty, but we are all just getting over the SICKNESS in my house!!! I haven't had time to really comment on every ones pictures like i have done, but i do look at them all and want to say EVERYONE is doing an amazing job and i love love every ones pictures!! KEEP UP the great work!! But for today my picture is simple and all about my kids, I love them so much wouldn't know what i would do without them!!! Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon and as always KEEP SHOOTING&SMILING;)

♥♥When you put FAITH, HOPE and LOVE Together, you can raise Positive kids in a Negative world.* These 2 are my LIFE!!*♥♥

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


♥♥OK for today's picture i let ZANE take my camera and take my picture of the day;) and this is what he GAVE ME!!! He is an amazing 8year old that COLLECTS everything and anything STAR WARS and has a HUGE pez collection as well, this is NOT even the half of his things, but i thought it was cute that he wanted to me on my daily challenge picture!!! and i always put a caption with it, so ZANES caption for his COLLAGE was....

Sunday, February 28, 2010


♥♥ I must say i have been One BUSY BEE today♥♥ But loved every minute of it, esp doing what i love to do best and thats having photoshoots on BEAUTIFUL days like today!!