Sunday, February 28, 2010


♥♥ I must say i have been One BUSY BEE today♥♥ But loved every minute of it, esp doing what i love to do best and thats having photoshoots on BEAUTIFUL days like today!!

Friday, February 26, 2010


Today was all about the FUN FRIDAY FOTO challenge!!! A picture of a "LOVED ONE without them being in it, well of course i have many loved ones, but my number 3 people that i love OHHH so much is My hubby, Zane&Zoe..So i focused it on that. As you can see my hubby loves his guitar, Zane loves his star wars pez collection and Zoe just is my girly girl that love anything and esp her BOWS;) Everyone did a fantastic job on there pictures!!! Keep Shooting and always SMILING;)

♥♥Today Fun Friday Foto Challenge was a picture of a LOVED ONE, without them being in the picture, so here is mine!! and as you all know its the only 3 people that i ♥ so much;)♥♥


I am running behind on getting my pictures posted to my blog, but i did manage to keep my pictures posted daily!! but for today's picture nothing special other than I HAVE HAD a whole WEEK of sickness in my house;( hopefully we are all getting over it!!! No fun when everyone is sick.. Zane had the crud, Zoe double ear infections, Lance getting over stomach bug, and me had a horrible sinus headaches/infections! NOT FUN;( hope you all have a wonderful afternoon!!!!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today has not been a good day for me nor my daughter zoe, she keep me up all night with her ear hurting, but finally got into the doctors office this am, and she has double ear infections which makes me very sad for her;( she is in so much pain. Hopefully she will be feeling better soon when these antibiotics get in her! For today's daily challenge picture is exactly how i felt!!! Cause there is always someone around you or you know or seems like in any thing going on in your life, that one PERSON THAT is so darn NEGATIVE in life and seems to just be the ONE that THINK they KNOW IT ALL which leads them to being a SMARTA$$ in my book;) I know you all get my drift hahah but i hope you all have a wonderful afternoon and as always KEEP SHOOTING&SMILING;)
♥♥You all know just as well as i DO, that there is ALWAYS that ONE person that annoys you and just thinks they KNOW IT ALL, well my idea in my head is that they are just a SMARTIE♥♥

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Gosh where did the day and time go?!?!?! Anyways, i have been doing all my lovely wife duties;) and yay so excited iam almost done, i have one more load of clothes and my job will be complete!!!! Today's picture has alot of meaning to me, i tried to describe how i was feeling in a picture, but i absolutely love doing photography it is my passion, i love learning new things every day and things that make me to become a better photographer, and In photography iam in it for my passion, not to see how many clients i can get and how much money i can make!!! And i could go on and on with this, but i will keep it here as always;) SHORT&SWEET... Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon!!!

*I have to admit i have been working on trying to learn how to create my "OWN" & UNIQUE storyboards and ect and OMG this was def a CHALLENGE for me, but i did it!! It is not PERFECT how i wanted it, but i thought it turned out pretty darn AWESOME;) but the more time i put in this i think i will def have a SIGNATURE CAP...TURED MOMENTS STORYBOARD for my clients with their childrens NAME if they would want something like this!! whatcha think?!?!?!

Monday, February 22, 2010


WOW iam at day 53 and still going strong!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful MONDAY, mine was ok we Finally got our taxes done and very pleased with the refund that makes me a happy girl, but one thing iam not happy about it my baby ZANE is sick and running a low grade fever;( hope he gets to feeling better soon... Ok so my picture of the day IS soo funny, My hubby has his own tile company, and in his box truck him and his workers thought it would be fun to save all their energy drink cans everyday, so lance stuck them to the back wall of his truck and It is sooooooooo many, that i couldn't take a picture of the full look, but i did get what i thought was cool looking, Everyone will stop him and ask him for monster shirts and drinks cause they think he works for the company!!! WOW the small things in life that makes a grown man HAPPY and SMILE:) Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon and as always KEEP SHOOTING&SMILING

♥♥The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results♥♥

Sunday, February 21, 2010


♥♥ Photography is my passion and i like to be DIFFERENT and i give it MY OWN STYLE♥♥

Saturday, February 20, 2010


SUNSHINE... DID you see that YES we have finally seen some SUNSHINE, and it feels wonderful, but today has been great!! Other than both my babies not feeling good.. Zoe has a cold and just coughing and Zane's Asthma is flared up and it makes me sad to see my babies not feeling good;( I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!!!!

♥♥Asthma is just so SAD in CHILDREN, and ZANE has been batteling with it ever since he was a baby, i sure hope he outgrows it♥♥

Friday, February 19, 2010


YAY for day 50 iam so excited i have made it this far!! But for today's picture it was for the FUN FRIDAY FOTO and the theme was SOMETHING SWEET i had alot of ideas running through my head, but for some reason my hubby wanted to put his little input in this challenge and he gave me the idea about the sugar pouring into the bowl!! SO i give him mad props;) GOSH i love him!!! Iam so thankful it is Friday and also WE have a date night, the kiddos are going to camp at my brothers house, which they are oh so excited about!!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! and as always KEEP SHOOTING&SMILING;)
♥♥ I honestly believe that GIVING your full opinion when asked about a situation is always better than SUGAR COATING it for that person♥♥ Basically be HONEST;)

Thursday, February 18, 2010


♥♥I was just UP in LA-LA land today♥♥ We all have days like this right?!?!?!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I hope you all had a wonderful afternoon, but for today's picture i wanted to represent something about Ash Wednesday... I am not a Catholic, but that does not mean i do not PRAY EVERY NIGHT!!!!Praying is good for the SOUL, i know it does me good to know that i have my time with the good lord above, i know that sometimes i pray about things and God may not answer my prayers the next day, but in time he seems to always ANSWER MY PRAYERS!!! So with all that saying i hope you all have a great night and as always KEEP SHOOTING&SMILING
♥♥ Prayer is the key to Heaven, but faith unlocks the door♥♥

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


What a day, Last day of the kids off day from school, back to reality tomorrow, but we have had nothing but FUN since they been off last thursday!!! Today is FAT TUESDAY in downtown mobile, al Which we did not go to any parades this year, me personally i just dont think its a place for kids!! Not saying anything about those that do, just for me personally i do not want my kids around a bunch of DRUNKS;) and just people fighting over some beads and moonpies, hahah i mean i will have a drink every now and then, but iam sure you girls GET MY DRIFT:) But today i wanted to do something with mardi gras, so i decided to just take this picture and call it a day...We have enjoyed our mardi gras day right in the safe of my living room, watching it live coverage on the news and got silly and went outside and threw the kids beads and moonpies and we LAUGHED together and had a great time..... Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon and as always from me to you KEEP SHOOTING&SMILING;)

♥♥♥♥♥♥Happy Mardi Gras To All♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Monday, February 15, 2010


Wow what a day!! I really enjoyed every minute of it, i had 2 photo shoots which we had so much fun, but also had just "SOME ME TIME" Zane n Zoe enjoyed a day with their Nana, my lovely mother took them to the movies and had a picnic at the park!! SO life does not get any better than this and its always the SIMPLE things in life that makes us SMILE the most!!! Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon and iam keeping this short, cause my TV shows come on and i have to finish dinner and get things ready for tomorrow!! Keep Shooting&Smiling;)
Today's Picture is just basically showing that LIFE is really SIMPLE in so many ways..Even not using gumballs in the gumball machine, just simple PEZ;)

♥♥Life is really SIMPLE; we ourselves create the circumstances that complicate it♥♥

Sunday, February 14, 2010


♥♥HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL MY LOVELY BLOGGER FRIENDS♥♥ I hope your day was full of love and just being with the people that mean the most to you and the ones you love the most.... We had a wonderful day, had a relaxing day and the hubby took me out to dinner for valentine's day and i thought it was SO neat, that we both woke up this morning with cards for each other and the same exact chocolate heart, so why not this be the perfect picture to post!!! Have a great night and as always KEEP SHOOTING& SMILING♥♥

♥♥Lance,Zane & Zoe will always have the KEY to my HEART♥♥





Saturday, February 13, 2010


Hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday, Today for my picture i wanted to represent the
OLYMPICS, but in my own creative way;) Keep Shooting&Smiling;)

♥♥The integrity of the game is everything♥♥Being in the OLYMPICS is a desire, a dream, a vision♥

Friday, February 12, 2010


Today has been AMAZING!! It finally snowed here in the wonderful state of ALABAMA so therefor, Today for my LOVED ONE fun friday foto picture is all about my kids that i love DEARLY and of course we are LOVING MOTHER NATURE TODAY!! I have more than a few pictures i wanted to post, but i was so excited to finally see SNOW after 13 years!!! I wished it would have STUCK A LITTLE BETTER, but hey we are blessed we got what we got!!! Hope you enjoy my SNOW pictures as much as I HAVE!!! Have a wonderful day and as always KEEP SHOOTING&SMILING;)

♥♥LOVE these 2 more than ANYTHING in the world♥♥












♥♥Another LOVED ONE for me today is MOTHER NATURE♥♥









I had so many other pictures, but i will leave it right here!! YALL get my DRIFT cause iam sure most you have had TONS OF SNOW;)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


YAY for almost the weekend, and we are soooooooooo STOKED that they are saying 100% chance of snow for us tomorrow?!?! RIGHT i said it, SNOW GIRLS!!! Have not seen snow in 14years so around my house is nothing but excited kids and of course iam excited!!! But for today's picture i was sitting here having a cup of coffee and i was like HUMM the weather is cold and iam going to use this as my daily picture!!!! Was not exactly what i wanted, but we are allowed to have those days of not knowing what to do or any ideas in our heads, but at least i had something to post!!! I hope each and everyone one of ya'll have a wonderful night and as always KEEP SHOOTING&SMILING;)

♥♥Coffee is not the CURE for everything, but it sure CURES my mornings with a BIG SMILE♥♥

♥♥Sometimes all it takes is the SIMPLE things in life to get us GOING♥♥

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hope you all have had a wonderful day, i know i have other than i have had a darn headache since i woke up this morning!!! Iam going to keep this post sweet and simple and yay for day 41
Keep shooting and smiling;) This picture prob looks weird and yall all are thinking what is this, i will explain. Zoe my little girl, had to decorate a valentine box for her party on Friday, so i bought her a heart shaped box and we spray painted it red and added glitter and things to it, as i was sitting outside thinking of my picture, i seen this where my husband had sprayed it outside and it look like a great picture for today, seeings i could not think of anything other than my head POUNDING!!! So here it is WAAAAAAAA LAAAAAA.....

♥♥An OPEN MIND often leads to an OPEN HEART♥♥


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


WOOHOO i must first start off by saying, Iam so stoked i made it to day 40!! But, the way i am feeling today is JUST ALWAYS BE YOURSELF!!! Hope all my blogger friends have a awesome afternoon;)

♥♥Never BLEND IN, always STAND out and be YOURSELF♥♥
At first look the phrase “be yourself” makes you go – “the heck with what others think! I will do what ever I wish!!!” start out on that foot and you will soon enough know what I meant when I said “you will repent this”. Or if you are not amongst the more aggressive lot you just might end up giving up all hope saying “that’s just me, I can’t get any thing done, who cares what others say??” – Again a very self-destructive attitude. What it means to be yourself is first – accept who you are, then find out what points you are good at and what are the ones holding you back (every one has good and bad points – so don’t worry) and then capitalize on your strengths and selectively do away with your weaknesses. As you can see – the advice of being yourself is just the beginning! To be yourself is to be yourself to the fullest. Live the life of your dreams, get all that you ever wanted; it means to grow and flourish. Love yourself and then learn to Love others.


I posted a few pictures of these Color pictures, even though the first pictures goes with more of my story, but i loved the BRIGHT COLORFUL look in these, and of course iam BEING MY SELF!! Esp with my style of photography, i love the BRIGHT, CHEERFUL pictures!!




Monday, February 8, 2010


I so need a day of relaxation, do you?!?! I think every woman needs a day of this!!! We tend to handle everything in the house;) i appreciate my husband that works to provide for my family, but sometimes i just need a BREAK to have ME TIME!! But hey don't we all!!! So today's picture went great with the way iam feeling!!! Just need a night to soak in the hot tub, get some candles and just relax in the tub and even a massage sounds wonderful as well!!! So with this blog, iam just saying i think we ALL WOMEN need a DAY OF BEING PAMPERED!!!! hope you all have a wonderful afternoon and as always from me to you, KEEP SMILING and SHOOTING;)
I usually post one picture, but today i wanted to post a few of this amazing waterfall!!!

♥♥Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer♥♥

Sunday, February 7, 2010


♥♥I have always LOOKED into Yall's Eyes with my Eyes, and i will always put my heart near yall's Heart♥♥

My family is my LIFE, and i will always have their back on everything!! I have been blessed with an amazing children and a loving husband!! So the weekends just go by way too fast!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and as always KEEP SMILING;)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hope you all are enjoying your weekend, but i have been soo busy and did not think i was going to have time to post my picture of the day, i had to give my self 5mins to do so, or i would have felt like i have passed a day!!! anyways, iam so excited going out with the girls tonight, great fun, laughter's, food and music and maybe a DRINK;) The guys are coming to my house to chill with all the kiddos, this should be very interesting would love to be a FLY ON THE WALL;) hahahah Hope you all have a wonderful night and as always KEEP SMILING and SHOOTING;) o yea why is it that when our kids are asleep we cherish the warmth in our hearts cause they always say "She is such an angel but ONLY WHEN SHE IS SLEEPING;) hahah xoxoxo

♥♥The warmth in our hearts and the smiles on our faces to see our children sleeping is a wonderful blessing and a gift from god♥♥




Friday, February 5, 2010


A little bit of color to brighten your day. I hope you all have hundreds and thousands of special little moments to brighten your day today. Remember to look at the little things as special events too. Sometimes just a smile or a look can be quite meaningful and a moment you should remember. So here to looking at things in a hundreds and thousands way :)
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and iam sooo excited that we have done another yet challenging FUN FRIDAY FOTO!!! Keep smiling and as always keep SHOOTING!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Does your mind ever just have so many thoughts and emotions running??! Well mine has been going 48930284392 miles an hour!!! But their is one thing that iam proud of and that's have made it to day 35, and that i have started living my life with healthy habits and just being around positive people and making everything the best that it can be!!! It is just another dreary day in the great state of Alabama, so therefor iam going to make it short and simple today, the weather is rainy and i want to just have a lazy night!!!!! I hope you all have a wonderful afternoon and can not wait to see what everyone comes up with for the FUN FRIDAY FOTO tomorrow!!! Keep shooting and always SMILING;)
♥♥Wisdom does not show itself so much in the abstract of life, but it alters the color of my mind and thoughts♥♥