Friday, February 26, 2010


Today was all about the FUN FRIDAY FOTO challenge!!! A picture of a "LOVED ONE without them being in it, well of course i have many loved ones, but my number 3 people that i love OHHH so much is My hubby, Zane&Zoe..So i focused it on that. As you can see my hubby loves his guitar, Zane loves his star wars pez collection and Zoe just is my girly girl that love anything and esp her BOWS;) Everyone did a fantastic job on there pictures!!! Keep Shooting and always SMILING;)

♥♥Today Fun Friday Foto Challenge was a picture of a LOVED ONE, without them being in the picture, so here is mine!! and as you all know its the only 3 people that i ♥ so much;)♥♥