Friday, January 1, 2010


Iam going to try this BLOGGING thing, for many reason and for others to see!!! I have been into Photography for a very long time, and i have tried for 3 years to do a Photography challenge, and that's where you take a picture everyday until the end of the year!!!! And of course, i have only made it to like MARCH or APRIL, but i must say my GOAL for 2010 is to finish my challenge!!!! But for my first day picture, as my kids are outside playing in the dirt at my mothers house!! My mind has been rambling all day on what my picture could be!!! The skies were ohh so pretty and i looked at zane, and said "Go grab some markers" of course he is like HERE mom goes with her pictures!!!! But i put 2010 on their hands and got under them and took the picture!! and of course my quote has to match perfectly with the picture i take!! So my caption for my picture was "
♥♥ In the year of 2010, Concentrate on Finding your Goals and then REACHING for them ♥♥

I hope each and everyone of ya ll, ENJOYS my blogs about my CHALLENGE!!!!


tracysphotos said...

I always enjoy looking at your photography! I hope you have a great New Year Rach! I will be visiting often.

snaphappee said...

I love the colors in this! The deep blue of the sky - awesome! Have fun with your 365!

Jennifer said...

same here will visit often.. so great snapshot in the background with sky and kids' hands in the air.