Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today has not been a good day for me nor my daughter zoe, she keep me up all night with her ear hurting, but finally got into the doctors office this am, and she has double ear infections which makes me very sad for her;( she is in so much pain. Hopefully she will be feeling better soon when these antibiotics get in her! For today's daily challenge picture is exactly how i felt!!! Cause there is always someone around you or you know or seems like in any thing going on in your life, that one PERSON THAT is so darn NEGATIVE in life and seems to just be the ONE that THINK they KNOW IT ALL which leads them to being a SMARTA$$ in my book;) I know you all get my drift hahah but i hope you all have a wonderful afternoon and as always KEEP SHOOTING&SMILING;)
♥♥You all know just as well as i DO, that there is ALWAYS that ONE person that annoys you and just thinks they KNOW IT ALL, well my idea in my head is that they are just a SMARTIE♥♥


The Ross Family said...

Those are the best candies. I love your photo; its so fun looking!

CapturedMomentsbyRACHEL said...

thanks girl;) i love them too, but i also know alot of SMARTIES too hahah