Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hope you all have had a wonderful day, i know i have other than i have had a darn headache since i woke up this morning!!! Iam going to keep this post sweet and simple and yay for day 41
Keep shooting and smiling;) This picture prob looks weird and yall all are thinking what is this, i will explain. Zoe my little girl, had to decorate a valentine box for her party on Friday, so i bought her a heart shaped box and we spray painted it red and added glitter and things to it, as i was sitting outside thinking of my picture, i seen this where my husband had sprayed it outside and it look like a great picture for today, seeings i could not think of anything other than my head POUNDING!!! So here it is WAAAAAAAA LAAAAAA.....

♥♥An OPEN MIND often leads to an OPEN HEART♥♥



Kyla said...

Ooooo . . . this is a gorgeous shot! I'll bet Zoe has the cutest Valentine's box around!

Hope your headache goes away VERY quickly. I HATE headaches. Ibuprofen and rest!

The Ross Family said...

That is pretty neat. I also love the look of your blog.

CapturedMomentsbyRACHEL said...

awwww thanks girl!! that makes me really happy!!!